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The gift for working with beauty is born, but Rafa Lauretto dreamed of a career as a journalist. A year before she graduated from college, however, she won a gift from his father a beauty salon in Araçatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. Without time to dedicate himself to the two projects Rafa saw that the time had come to opt for. She chose to leave the faculty of communication and plunge headlong into the area of aesthetics. Since then she has taken courses in cosmetology, eyebrow design, visagism, and training in the best salons in São Paulo, such as MG Hair Design, by Marco Antonio de Biaggi.

In 2005 she moved to Orlando / USA and continued to pursue learning. She completed the first eyebrow micropigmentation course in 2007. In 2015, she became a specialist in the wire method. In the same year she invested in another specialization, this time in Mexico. In 2017 she acquired even more knowledge. She learned the micropigmentation technique for revitalizing the lips and for the contour of the eyes. And it went beyond. She has also become a laser hair removal professional. And Rafa wanted even more!

Along with the new specialization came the dream of a larger space, with an even more complete portfolio of services to offer customers. In June the project turned into reality! Rafa inaugurated a luxurious, well-located Med Spa (between Windermere and Dr Phillips), with skilled professionals. The result could not be otherwise. Rafa Lauretto is today a success and one of the biggest names when it comes to aesthetics in Florida!