Advanced Facial Rejuvenation Treatments


Design Eyebrow

Eyebrow Design. The eyebrow design enhances the expression and natural beauty of the eyes, through alignment according to the facial symmetry of each client. The eyebrows are totally linked to the aesthetic composition of the face and therefore they must be very well shaped.

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With micropigmentation of eyebrows wire by wire, it is possible to draw eyebrows, illuminate and correct flaws using color and thickness features - in a process very similar to that of permanent makeup - and applying one hair at a time, which increases the impression of naturalness. of the process.

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Eyelashes Extension

Is a technique performed that treats your lashes from end to end. With the aid of tweezers, artificial threads are implanted in the natural thread, one by one, promoting the stretching of the threads. In this way, it is possible to notice, immediately after the procedure, longer lashes and a feeling of volume.

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BB Lips

It is an aesthetic treatment for the lips, different from micropigmentation, which uses microneedling and nano technology to revitalize, hydrate and naturally enhance the color of the lips. It is perfect for virtually all skin types and does not cause any type of aggression as it works only on the epidermis

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